2018-2019 Approved Grants

The committee is open to a diverse range of activities and projects. Below are a few approved grants from the 2018-19 grant application cycle.

Building Wellness

A series of wellness workshops for School of Architecture students that will create opportunities to move well, mind well, create well, and save well.

Nutrition that Heals

A speaker series for nursing students focused on plant-based nutrition.

Little Red Hen Community Garden

Maintaining programming and upkeep of the Little Red Hen Community Garden in the West River neighborhood as part of move well and eat well.

YSPH Goes Red Week 2019

A weeklong heart health campaign to coincide with National Wear Red Day (heart disease awareness).

Trans Community Lunch

Monthly lunches for members of the Yale and New Haven trans, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming communities.

West Rock Park Clean Up

As part of move well, the Climbing Team will clean up West Rock Park in New Haven to restore the area and build out its recreational possibilities for the Yale and New Haven communities.

Hometown Cooking Sessions

Cooking sessions hosted by Latina Women at Yale that will inspire people to eat well, love well, and connect them to various cultures in Latin America.

La Lucha Sigue: Self-Care through and after Activism

Promote wellness at the “50 years of Latinos at Yale: Making it Nuestra Casa” conference through a relaxation room that will offer a space for people with invisible disabilities or introverted personalities to recover from the days’ events.

Move Well, Work Better - Using the Feldenkrais Method to Reconnect with your Body’s Natural Alignment

Feldenkrais method workshops taught by a practitioner that will equip students with the skill set necessary to go about their daily lives feeling better as they increase their own awareness of how to move well, and therefore work better.