Yale Well: Vision, Mission and Committee Members


Our Vision

Yale Well envisions a Yale community in which all students, as individuals and as members of the university, embrace wellness as a core value and as a continual journey toward emotional, physical, social, intellectual, professional, and spiritual wellness.

Our Mission

To foster an environment that supports and advances students’ wellness, in all its dimensions, through innovative programs, opportunities for self-discovery and growth, and the cultivation of a compassionate campus culture.

Committee Members

Yasmeen Abed

Woodbridge Fellow, Office of the Secretary and Vice President for University Life

Karen Ayoub

YSMHA, co-director 2024

James Benson

Director of Culinary Excellence, Yale Hospitality

Vanessa Blas

Woodbridge Fellow, Good Life Center

Stephen Blum

Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives, AYA

Marc Brackett

Director, Center for Emotional Intelligence

Heather Calabrese

Assistant Vice President, University Traditions, Strategic Communications and Events, Office of the Secretary and Vice President for University Life

Danielle Casioppo

Education Specialist/Coordinator, Being Well at Yale

Corinne Coia

Director, Yale College Wellness Programs,  Good Life Center 

Ryan Croteau

Program Coordinator, Communications, Office of the Secretary and Vice President for University Life

Erin Farley

Manager, Title IX Prevention, Education and Outreach

Andres Fernandez

Associate Dean of Student Affairs, School of the Environment

Maya Foster

GPSS representative

Amber Garrard

Director, Office of Sustainability

Kim Goff-Crews

Secretary and Vice President for University Life

Debra Gregory

Clinical Psychologist, Associate Chief of Embedded Programming and Community Engagement, Yale Health Mental Health and Counseling

Ryan Hagen

Director, Campus Recreation

Sara Kiel

Core Menu Architect, Yale Hospitality

Elizabeth Lenart

Coordinator of Fitness, Wellness, and Instructional Programs, Campus Recreation 

Lisa Kimmel

Director, Yale Well (for students), Being Well at Yale (for faculty and staff)

Angie Makomenaw

Yale College Community Care, Community Wellness Specialist

Jennifer Mendelsohn

Director, McDougal Center, Office of Graduate Student Life

Peyton Meyer

YSMHA, co-director 2023

Adam Millman

Senior Director, Auxiliary, Catering, Schwarzman Center

Pilar Montalvo

Assistant Vice President, Office of the Secretary and Vice President for University Life

Shruti Parthasarathy

YSMHA, co-director, 2023

Karen Peart

Director, University Media Relations, Yale Office of Public Affairs and Communications

Lalani Perry

Assistant Vice President, Internal Communications, Human Resources

Maytal Saltiel

Interim University Chaplain

Emma Seppala

Co-director, Center for Emotional Intelligence

Asha Shipman

Director, Hindu Life, Chaplain’s Office

Ben Swinchoski

YSMHA co-director, 2024