Yale College PWC

Lakshmi Amin's picture Lakshmi Amin Branford '21

A junior in Branford, Lakshmi studies English and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration (stay tuned to see if/when she declares a major and sticks with it!). Most of her time is spent playing piano, eating chocolate, and singing with her a cappella group, Pitches & Tones. This year, she’s super excited to learn from her fellow PWCs and to foster inclusive wellness spaces. Don’t hesitate to shoot her an email if you ever want to meet over ice cream/poké/dining hall Earl Grey tea to chat about anything from Netflix guilty pleasures to stress management!

Isobel Anthony's picture Isobel Anthony Saybrook '20

Isobel, otherwise known as “Iso” or “Poptart” is a sophomore in Saybrook College. She is a linguistics major trying to also fit in as much music, poetry, and literature as possible.  Besides being a Peer Wellness Champion, Isobel is a member of Yale’s Schola Cantorum (ISM) and the Opera Theatre of Yale College.  She is an enthusiastic baker and her plans for the future include opening her very own Bucci’s Gluten-Free Bakery and traveling the globe as an opera singer.  Isobel is all about living well and hopes to spread wellness practices throughout the Yale community.

Cami Arboles's picture Cami Arboles Davenport '20

Cami Arboles is a junior in Davenport College from Los Angeles, California. She is a Theatre Studies major. She is a huge advocate for wellness, particularly through healthy eating habits and movement practices, such as yoga. She is also a registered yoga teacher. She is so excited to be a Peer Wellness Champion this year!

Ayeza Bajwa's picture Ayeza Bajwa Jonathan Edwards '20

Ayeza Bajwa is a junior in JE from Portland, Oregon. She is majoring in Sociology and is particularly interested in how to use media to influence people’s health beliefs and behaviors. Ayeza is especially excited to work on improving the eating and nutrition culture on campus! In her free time she can be found synchronized swimming or cooking.

Evan Billups Morse '20
Catherine Chang's picture Catherine Chang Pierson '20

Catherine is  a sophomore in Pierson College from Johns Creek, GA. She is majoring in Economics and Statistics, and Ioves singing, teaching, and going on morning hikes. Catherine is interested in learning and sharing wellness practices with her community so that we can all live our best lives!

Ahmad Chaudhry's picture Ahmad Chaudhry Berkeley '23

Ahmad is a sophomore in Berkeley College (subjectively the best residential college) who hails from the sunny paradise of Los Angeles. He intends on majoring in either Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology or History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health; or any major with a long-winded name and lots of commas. He believes maintaining wellness is an integral part of leading a life worth living and loving. When not freezing to death in the frigid Northeastern cold, he enjoys reading stuff that isn’t for class, obsessively journaling, shooting film photography unironically, and making Spotify playlists for friends! Ahmad would like more friends so say hi if you see him!

Miki Cornwell's picture Miki Cornwell Ezra Stiles '21

Miki is a junior in Ezra Stiles college (inarguably the best). She is currently a Humanities major but hopes to get approved to pursue a special divisional major in Storytelling and Narrative Studies. Either way, you can find her in one of the many undergraduate theater spaces, woodworking in the CEID, snapping photos around campus, or just generally being ridiculous. As a queer FGLI student with ADHD, she’s a go-to guy to connect you to one of the many support networks on campus. Ask her anything about mental health, Camp Kesem, rugby, Top Chef, dinosaurs, the Stiles Buttery, or Pokemon Go. Feel free to contact her at michaila.cornwell@yale.edu or 931-261-9816. If you’re reading this, drink some water!

Jacob Cramer's picture Jacob Cramer Benjamin Franklin '22

Jacob is a sophomore in Benjamin Franklin College. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, this is his first year as a Peer Wellness Champion. He is passionate about meditation and social wellness. He is excited to learn more about supporting wellness through this program and to give back to our community!

Mehana Daftary's picture Mehana Daftary Benjamin Franklin '22

Mehana is a sophomore in Benjamin Franklin College from Potomac, Maryland, hoping to major in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry. Outside of science, she sings with the Yale Glee Club, dances on Yale MonstRAASity, and volunteers at a local soup kitchen. She is passionate about mental health access and improving general wellness on campus (especially in the new colleges). As a new PWC, she looks forward to meeting and working with other PWCs this year and in years to come!

Lily Dodd's picture Lily Dodd Silliman '21

Lily is a sophomore in Silliman interested in incorporating more silliness into daily life. She’s also passionate about sleeping hard, spending time outside, managing anxiety, and having great conversations with friends.

Rebecca Drachman's picture Rebecca Drachman Pierson '21

I am an undeclared student in Pierson College, class of 2021. I am interested in wellness because keeping our minds and bodies well is so important and worth investing in—especially in college, when wellness is so easily and often neglected! Other interests include: dogs (and cats), naps, coffee, spending time with family and friends, baking, and good food. Contact me with any questions, concerns, or just to chat.

Caroline Erickson's picture Caroline Erickson Saybrook '22

Caroline is a sophomore in Saybrook from Branford, CT majoring in Environmental Studies. She loves reading, taking walks, yoga, and drinking lots of tea. She is a huge supporter of promoting wellness through movement, but also in finding time to relax and savor the free moments in each day. Caroline is super excited for her first year as a Peer Wellness Champion! Feel free to reach out at any time, she would love to get to know you!

Tomeka Frieson's picture Tomeka Frieson Berkeley '21

Tomeka Frieson is a junior in Berkeley College with a keen interest in health in all its forms, be it individual health and wellness, public health, global health, or simply living a healthy lifestyle. As an Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and History of Science, Medicine, & Public Health double-major, Tomeka hopes to encourage her peers to live well in all its manifestations. She is particularly interested in improving peers’ mental and physical wellness and can be found around campus singing a capella with Something Extra or dancing for pediatric wellness at the Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital! She can be contacted at tomeka.frieson@yale.edu.

Sarah Geach's picture Sarah Geach Pauli Murray '20

Sarah is a junior in Pauli Murray, and an expatriate of Ezra Stiles. She is majoring in English, although she wishes she could have had more time at Yale to major in History or Archaeology or Art. She is the Creative Director of the Logos, a Christian magazine at Yale, and likes to sing, paint, and throw random and joyful dance parties. Sarah hails all the way from Zimbabwe, and home is very dear to her. She wants to make sure that Yalies have a space to feel at home at Yale, and thinks that physical wellness, though often underplayed, is key to enhancing all other aspects of wellness. She hopes to host at least one pop-up dance party every week!

Jaeha Han's picture Jaeha Han Saybrook '22

Jaeha is a sophomore in Saybrook from Holland, MI, studying Psychology on the Neuroscience track. In her free time, she loves to take long walks while listening to podcasts and go camping with friends and family. Jaeha is so excited to be a new PWC this year, and her main wellness practice is listening to music. She is here to help anyone through the healing process from anything difficult they have been through. Please reach out to her-she would love to get to know you!

Elea Hewitt's picture Elea Hewitt Branford '21

Elea Hewitt is a junior in Branford College majoring in Environmental Studies.  She grew up on a farm in Sweet Home, Oregon and loves spending time with animals and exploring the outdoors.  On campus you can find her enjoying the Branford courtyard, hanging out with friends, and participating in all sorts of physical activities!  Feel free to reach out if you need anything from a workout buddy to a listening ear.

Claire Hu's picture Claire Hu Saybrook '20

Claire Hu (“who?”) is a sophomore in Saybrook (“say what?”) interested in studying cognitive science with a bent to linguistics and philosophy. In addition to being a PWC, she’s also the events coordinator for Mind Matters, a mental health advocacy group, and the president of Yogis At Yale, the student group that provides free yoga classes for all levels open to the entire Yale community. She loves yogurt, turtles, and making friends of strangers.

Karen Jiang's picture Karen Jiang Saybrook '21

Karen Jiang is a sophomore in Saybrook college studying cognitive science and economics. She is passionate about wellness and believes it’s an important part of building a better campus culture. She grew up in New York, which has fueled her interest in promoting wellness within fast-paced lifestyles. She’s excited to work with other PWCs to open the conversation around wellness and create a happier campus.

Reese Koppel's picture Reese Koppel Berkeley '22

Reese is a sophomore studying cognitive science from New Orleans, Louisiana. He is the Director of Operations for the Whaling Crew, a Berkeley College aide, and the President of the Yale Bridge Club. His favorite mindfulness techniques are meditating, journaling, and sleeping.

Rocky Lam's picture Rocky Lam Jonathan Edwards '20

Rocky is a sophomore in Jonathan Edwards College. He is from Brooklyn, NY. Rocky listens to a lot of reggaeton music, enjoys bike rides by the river, and walks really fast like a true New Yorker. Rocky can’t wait to share all the wellness practices that he finds helpful.

Grace Larrabee's picture Grace Larrabee Berkeley '22

Grace is a sophomore in Berkeley College from Glen Ellyn, Illinois. She’s majoring in neuroscience, but when she’s not working on pset, she can be found singing with her a cappella group Something Extra, volunteering with Yale Children’s Theater, or working in the Yale Infant Cognition Center. She is so excited to be a PWC to help promote wellness practices throughout campus!

Anin Luo's picture Anin Luo Timothy Dwight '20

Anin is a sophomore in Timothy Dwight majoring in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry. On campus, she hopes to promote a culture where sleep is valued, and where people do not feel pressured to never stop working. She loves waking up early to hit the gym, and also exploring all the different restaurants in New Haven to enjoy a treat every now and then! Feel free to contact her at with any questions or just to chat.

Eliza MacGilvray's picture Eliza MacGilvray Trumbull '22

Eliza MacGilvray is a sophomore in Trumbull College hailing from Columbus, Ohio (go Midwest!). She’s a stage manager at heart, but can also be found  directing, dramaturg-ing, or doing something that can very charitably be called “props design”. Outside of the theatre, she loves to write, knit, and start books she is never going to finish. Eliza is passionate about mental health (particularly in the theatre) and cultivating self-love, and she is so excited to be a new PWC this year!

Hannah Manz's picture Hannah Manz Trumbull '21

Hannah is a sophomore in Trumbull College from Fargo, North Dakota. Ice cream, puppies, long walks, and stationery are a few of her favorite things. She is a huge advocate of easy, everyday wellness practices, and she’s a firm believer that a well-balanced life is the key to success. Hannah is a self-proclaimed foodie, proud Midwesterner, and excited to make Yale a happier place!

Laura Michael's picture Laura Michael Pierson '20

Laura is a sophomore in Pierson College. When she’s not doing psets, she can be found playing oboe in YSO and other orchestras on campus. She became interested in mental health after doing an extra credit project in an epidemiology class that taught her the challenges and rewards of actively practicing mental health self-care.

Sneha Mittal's picture Sneha Mittal Pierson '20

Sneha Mittal is a senior in Pierson College majoring in Sociology with a concentration in health and society. She is particularly interested in racial disparities in health outcomes and wants to better understand mechanisms that can alleviate these disparities. Outside of classes, Sneha has been involved with the South Asian Society, Yale Rangeela, and Bridges ESL. She is a new PWC and is passionate about promoting wellness and healthy life habits.

Dalia Moallem's picture Dalia Moallem Grace Hopper '21

My name is Dalia Moallem and I am a junior in Hopper College from New Rochelle, NY, studying psychology. This will be my first year as a PWC and I am so excited to spend more time at the Good Life Center and around campus promoting wellness practices. I love practicing yoga, doing arts and crafts, and spending time in the sun!

Louisa Nordstrom's picture Louisa Nordstrom Davenport '20

I’m Louisa, a junior from Florida in Davenport College. I’m currently studying cognitive science, and am also on the sailing team. With a jam-packed schedule and constant stress, I make sure to prioritize mental health and wellness by taking time for myself to do the things I love, whether it be practicing yoga, watching the sunset, or just hanging out with friends. I want to promote the wellness at Yale and make everyones lives a little bit happier and well-balanced.

Astouline Nutakor's picture Astouline Nutakor Morse '20

Astouline Nutakor is a sophomore in Morse and comes from Ghana. She is interested in wellness centering around Faith, religion, and community service. Astouline is a member of the Baha’i Faith, a world religion which seeks to unite mankind and believes in the oneness of God and of all religions. She is married to a wonderful young man who is also from Ghana. They both love music, guitar and singing - she can imagine having regular guitar jamming sessions for wellness! Musical devotionals are also heavenly.  Astouline would love to talk to students of any Faith (or none) about their beliefs, questions, or hopes! She also hopes to start a regular devotional for Yale undergraduates. She’d love to meet you and talk to you - about anything at all!

Ananya Parthasarathy's picture Ananya Parthasarathy Saybrook '20

Ananya is a junior in Saybrook college, majoring in Computer Science and Psychology. She’s from Seattle, Washington, and is a PNW native through and through (lives in birkenstocks, survives on starbucks and entirely too used to the rain). Outside of being a PWC, she is a member of the Yale a cappella group Mixed Company. She is excited to learn more about wellness through the PWC program and to help spread that knowledge throughout campus!

Matthew Pettus's picture Matthew Pettus Saybrook '20

Matthew is a junior in Saybrook College from Richmond, Virginia, majoring in Neuroscience. When not learning about the brain, he enjoys working with the Public Health Coalition, researching, volunteering at the hospital, and singing with his a cappella group. Within wellness, he’s specifically interested in sleeping well and managing stress well.

Lauren Quintela's picture Lauren Quintela Pierson '21

Lauren Quintela is a junior in Pierson College majoring in psychology on the neuroscience track. She is originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This is her first year as a PWC. She is particularly interested in promoting a campus culture that values and prioritizes physical and mental well-being and interpersonal relationships. On campus, she is a tutor for Bridges ESL and a researcher at the Canine Cognition Center. You can reach out any time at lauren.quintela@yale.edu.

Isabel Rooper's picture Isabel Rooper Ezra Stiles '20

Isabel is a rising senior in Ezra Stiles College majoring in Political Science. She transferred to Yale as a junior from the University of Notre Dame. Originally from Portland, OR, Isabel loves the outdoors and prioritizes her wellness by spending time outside every day. Feel free to reach out if you need a cup of tea or want to chat!

Rebecca Salzhauer's picture Rebecca Salzhauer Saybrook '22

Rebecca is a sophomore Theater Studies major in Saybrook, originally from New York. She loves to tell stories and make people laugh, through both theater and improv, as well as in her daily life. Rebecca believes in spending time outside, stretching, journaling, dancing, deep conversations, looking at pictures of raccoons, and finding a sense of silliness and play amid everything else that’s going on. As an actor and director, Rebecca is passionate about cultivating rehearsal spaces that prioritize mental, physical, and emotional wellness in practice.

Vienna Scott's picture Vienna Scott Benjamin Franklin '21

Vienna is a Junior in Benjamin Franklin College studying Political Science and Religious Studies. Besides classes, she loves watching Netflix with her suitemates, debate, journalism, wandering through the art galleries, and spending excessive amounts of time in the BF dining hall. She loves creating a sense of home within her suite- hello constant redecorating!- and within her extracurricular communities through movie nights, baking, game nights, and themed parties. She can’t wait to create a happier campus!

Lauren Singer's picture Lauren Singer Davenport '21

Lauren is a sophomore Psychology major in Davenport from Scarsdale, New York. She is most interested in the Work Well, Rest Well, and Mind Well areas of wellness. In addition to being a PWC, Lauren loves teaching health workshops in New Haven public schools with Community Health Educators.  Some of her favorite ways to take a break are going on walks with friends, coloring, and reading for pleasure!

Sarah Sotomayor's picture Sarah Sotomayor Branford '21

Sarah is a (hopeful) Neuroscience and Music double major, hailing from Brooklyn, New York. When she isn’t composing, singing, doing PSETs, or getting lit, Sarah spends her time working to improve her overall wellness and mental health. You can often find her meditating- if her eyes are closed, feel free to sit down and chill until her five minute meditation is done!- or doing work and playing music outside to enjoy some fresh air. Sarah is also a first-generation, low-income student, and is always happy to chat about the unique ways wellness can be compromised within certain circumstances.

Safia Speer Berkeley '20
Sterling Strother's picture Sterling Strother Hopper College '20

Sterling is a sophomore in Hopper College from the San Francisco Bay Area and a Psychology major. He is also a member of the football team and Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Some of his favorite things to do in his free time are listen to music, play the trombone, play poker, and watch movies.

Kira Sze's picture Kira Sze Branford '21

Kira is a sophomore from the Bay Area. She’s in Branford College and (probably) majoring in Cognitive Science. Besides being a PWC, she loves singing with Mixed Company (an undergrad a cappella group), practicing kundalini yoga at Payne Whitney, snuggling with friends, and spending time (doing pretty much anything) outside. She is excited to learn and share wellness practices with other members of the Yale community.

Annie Tarte's picture Annie Tarte Jonathan Edwards '20

Annie is a Junior in Jonathan Edwards college from Tampa, Florida.  She’s majoring in History of Science, Medicine and Public Health, is on the Varsity Softball team, and is a group head for Community Health Educators.  Annie spreads wellness on campus by instructing group fitness classes, in which she teaches students how to “move well” and the benefits of regular exercise!

Yasmin Tavakoli's picture Yasmin Tavakoli Benjamin Franklin '22

Yasmin Tavakoli is a sophomore in Benjamin Franklin College coming from the great city of Houston. Although she joined the peer wellness community this year, she has long been an advocate for physical and mental health and cannot wait for what the year will bring. She is especially excited to eat cookies and hopes that she will garner new cooking skills (baking) working with other peer wellness champions!

Natalia Taylor's picture Natalia Taylor Branford '21

Hello! My name is Natalia and I am a junior in Branford College majoring in MCDB. I am involved in QuestBridge, Kappa Kappa Gamma, the Yale Precision Marching Band, and the American Red Cross at Yale. This is my first year as a Peer Wellness Champion, but I have learned first-hand the value of having PWCs in different student communities here on campus. Due to many building circumstances, I had a pretty rough first semester, but I found great comfort in my wellness practices! Over the past two years, my PWC friends have been able to help guide me along a journey of developing my personal wellness; now I am looking forward to being that support for my peers! Please feel free to reach out to me anytime through text or call at 719-494-6545, or through email at natalia.taylor@yale.edu.

Anna Thorndike's picture Anna Thorndike Pierson '20

Anna is a junior in Pierson College majoring in Cognitive Science. She is interested in all aspects of health and wellness, specifically physical wellness and eating habits. She thinks that it is especially important to promote healthy behaviors on a college campus, where people are often more focused on their next test than their next meal or physical activity. Her favorite self-care practices include hiking, going to the farmers market, and making homemade guacamole!

Faith Tomlin's picture Faith Tomlin Ezra Stiles '21

Faith Tomlin is a junior in Ezra Stiles College from San Diego, California. She is majoring in Psychology with an Advanced Language Certificate in Spanish and is so excited to join the Peer Wellness Champion family this year. As a lifelong dancer, Faith is a huge believer in the power exercise and nutrition have to transform both physical and mental health.

Antalique Tran's picture Antalique Tran Timothy Dwight '21

Antalique is from the Orange County area in Southern California, from where she misses her consistently warm weather. Her interest in wellness started with trying to take control of her own psychiatric disorder (sleep paralysis) through changing her sleep schedule and managing her stress levels. Though still unsure, she is thinking of majoring in MCDB, following the Neurobiology track, and pursuing an MD-PhD. Outside of academics, she loves drawing, playing IM soccer, and exchanging memes—feel free to send her as many as you want, especially ones about dogs!

Linda Tun's picture Linda Tun Grace Hopper '21

Linda is a junior in Grace Hopper College, majoring in MCDB and hailing from New York City. This is her first year as a PWC. She is super excited to be part of and to help build a community that prioritizes wellness and self-care practices. When she isn’t in Sterling living her best pre-med life, she can be found meditating, doing her skincare routine or watching reality TV shows.

Annie Ulichney's picture Annie Ulichney Pierson '22

Annie is a Sophomore in Pierson College studying Mechanical Engineering. She is from Wayne, Pennsylvania and enjoys yoga, being outdoors, vegan banana bread, and taking too many photos of her dog. Annie is interested in creating a sense of calm and balance in the midst of business through fitness, mindfulness, and sleep.

Alexa Vaghenas's picture Alexa Vaghenas Silliman '20

Alexa Vaghenas is a senior in Silliman College studying Psychology. She is also a member of the Education Studies Scholars program. You can often find her doing yoga, playing board games, singing with the Yale Glee Club, or having spontaneous dance parties with friends. Alexa has been a Peer Wellness Champion for the past year and thinks that this is hands-down the best student job on campus! Her interests in wellness involve resilience, healthy risk-taking, and learning how to embrace failure. She hopes to one day receive a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology, with the long-term goal of pursuing a career in wellness education. She also loves making new friends, so feel free to contact her at alexa.vaghenas@yale.edu if you would like to chat.

Camila Vardar's picture Camila Vardar Benjamin Franklin '20

Camila is a junior in Franklin College majoring in Biomedical Engineering, hailing from Puerto Rico. She values sleep, spending time in nature, and finding an overall happy balance of work, time for family/ friends and relaxing. When not working on psets, Camila can be found watching Korean dramas and drawing/ writing stories for online comics. She is also a huge fan of baking vegan goodies and large fluffy dogs!

Sarah Wie's picture Sarah Wie Trumbull '20

Sarah Wie is a junior in Trumbull College. She is a Psychology-Neuroscience Track major, and she’s so excited for the year ahead as PWC. She values self-care, rainy days, and music recommendations. She’s looking forward to being part of the movement towards changing the mental health climate at Yale, and she is co-founding an organization Crisis Text Line at Yale, which offers free, anonymous, one-on-one counseling via text messaging during moments of crisis. Have a wonderful year!

Angela Yoo's picture Angela Yoo Davenport '21

Angela is a junior in Davenport College majoring in Cognitive Science. She hails from warm and sunny Los Angeles, California. She’s passionate about creating a campus culture that makes wellness a priority, instead of something to do after the work is done. By focusing on not just the symptom-level solutions but also the root causes, she strives to redefine the way wellness and mental health are perceived on campus. In addition to being a Peer Wellness Champion, she is an intern at the Good Life Center and involved with Design for America at Yale.