Peer Counseling Resources

Yale’s peer counselors, freshman counselors, and peer liaisons are available to help you make transitions, navigate campus resources, and talk through difficult situations. Speaking with a trained peer counselor, a peer liaison, or a freshman counselor can often help you sort through your feelings, thoughts, or problems in a stress-free, zero-judgment conversation. These students can also connect you with a variety of campus resources depending on your needs and interests. Sometimes, you may simply need insight from someone who knows what it’s like to study or live at Yale.

Peer counseling and similar resources for undergraduates and graduate and professional students are described in detail below. Use the sort and tag features to view these resources grouped by audience and type.

Note: Many students find it helpful to connect with a peer counselor when they are unsure if they should seek professional counseling, or when they need to talk through an issue.

Peer counselors do not offer diagnoses, but they can lend an ear, offer feedback, and refer students to appropriate campus services. If you feel that you require professional or immediate attention, please contact the department of Mental Health and Counseling.

For a list of other student-to-student programming with a focus on wellness, please visit the Peer Wellness Resources page

Freshman Counselors (FroCos)

A hallmark of the residential college system, the Freshman Counselor program pairs Yale College seniors with a group of first-year students, helping them make the transition to college and to Yale. FroCos live in residential college dorms with their students, helping them navigate academic, social, and cultural life in Yale College. FroCos work closely with residential college deans and receive training and support from the Yale College Dean’s Office. 


Peer Liaisons (PLs)

Peer liaisons are Yale College sophomores, juniors, and seniors who help first-year students navigate the specific resources available from the following offices:

  • Chaplain’s Office
  • Afro-American Cultural Center
  • Asian American Cultural Center
  • Office of International Students and Scholars
  • La Casa Cultural
  • Office of LGBTQ Resources 
  • Native American Cultural Center

Queer Peers GP

Trained by the Office of LGBTQ Resources, Queer Peers Graduate and Professional Counselors (QP/GPs) provide support to graduate and professional students, advising on a number of issues faced by LGBTQ and gender non-conforming community members. QP/GPs study at various graduate and professional schools on campus; you  may choose to speak with someone from your school or from another. For a list of Queer Peers, visit the link below. 


Walden Peer Counseling

One of the oldest undergraduate peer counseling organizations in the U.S., Walden Peer Counseling is an anonymous and confidential hotline and walk-in peer counseling service staffed by Yale students and advised by Dr. Carole Goldberg. Though Walden Counselors do not give advice, and offer a one-time service, they are available to talk through issues and to refer students to helpful resources at the university. Walden’s services are available to all undergraduates every night that school is in session during the academic year, either in-person at the Walden office from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., or by hotline at (203) 432-TALK from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. The Walden office is located on Old Campus under Welch Entryway B, Room A-05.